Pickle and Custard


10th September 2015 6pm


Sharing platter - Pickle and Custard

Sharing platter – Pickle and Custard

I got a voucher deal from itison for a large sharing platter plus a mini bottle of prosecco each for £13. Pickle and Custard is situated on Lothian Road on a nice corner plot. We were welcomed and shown to a window table. Whilst this was nice, the tables were quite close together, which wasn’t ideal. It seemed that lots of other diners were also in with the deal. We got drinks and the platter was with us very quickly. This consisted of bread, salami, chorizo, Parma ham, a selection of cheeses, olives, tomatoes, peppers and a small salad. Whilst this sounds a lot, for two sharing, the amount on offer was a little disappointing. I would have been annoyed paying the full £15 (excluding drinks) and getting this. That said, all the food was good. The meats had great flavouring and the olives were delicious. The bread was lightly toasted but not as far as to call it toast. There were a nice choice of cheeses, but don’t expect mozzarella, brie or any other soft cheeses. I would say that this platter is very much a stop gap between meals or a light lunch type platter – something to soak up the drinks. It certainly wasn’t what I would have considered ‘large’ when it was for two people.

Cakes - Pickle and Custard

Cakes – Pickle and Custard

After finishing we were still starving. Once we finally got seen by a waitress, she brought over some menus for us, only to find out we needed to pick desserts from the counter. That done, we got a victoria sponge layered cake and a lemon cheesecake. These were both great and substantial. They were also both better value for money than the platter. Service again was pleasant but a bit on the slow side.

I had wanted to like this place so much but left feeling underwhelmed.

Food – 6.5/10
Service – 6.5/10
Atmosphere – 7/10
Value – 7/10 (bumped up by the cake)

Overall – 27/40

Cost – voucher £13 for the platter and drinks and cakes £7.50. Overall true cost £20.50

NOTE: Looking on their twitter feed it appears that there may be or have been issues with management…

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