Miros Cantina Mexicana

22nd June 2015 – 6pm


Frozen Margarita - Miros Cantina Mexicana

Frozen Margarita – Miros Cantina Mexicana

Miros Cantina Mexican is situated on Rose Street and is a relatively small restaurant. That doesn’t stop them making the most of the space and managing to fit in a decent amount of diners, both inside and on the few tables they have outside. This place was packed for a Monday night and it wasn’t all tourists. A group of us had gone for a get together and had a table of four by the window. Before we even looked at the food menu, we knew we were going to make a start on the jugs of frozen margaritas. We went for the plain lime version but you can order flavoured versions which include mango, raspberry and coconut amongst others. These were very good value for money at £20 and we got about 10 small drinks out of each jug. Whilst not overly alcoholic, they were just right to go with the food and we ordered a second jug later in the evening. As a few of us had been before, we knew that the starters were massive, so we decided to opt for two starters between the four of us. We went for a trio of dips with corn chips and some olives. Unfortunately the olives weren’t available so we just got a second lot of dips. For mains, three of us went for exactly the same dish from the specials menu which was steak strip tacos. The fourth (a vegan) went for the vegetable and bean fajitas and it was no problem to remove the cheese and sour cream from the order and they offered more salsa in place, which was nice.

Trio of dips - Miros Cantina Mexicana

Trio of dips – Miros Cantina Mexicana

It wasn’t too long before the dips and corn chips arrived. The corn chips were nice and warm. The three dips were guacamole, salsa and chile con queso, which is a warm cheese and pepper dip. The salsa was fresh and the coriander gave a nice element to it (and even won over the coriander hater at the table). The guacamole was nice but was a bit bland and maybe needed a little more seasoning. However, this could have been because it was sitting next to the most amazing dip I think I have ever had. The chile con queso was delicious. The warmth was a surprise but the taste was so moreish I could have eaten them all night. Everyone managed to polish off all the corn chips with much satisfaction.

Fajita and tacos - Miros Cantina Mexicana

Fajita and tacos – Miros Cantina Mexicana

Onto the mains, the tacos weren’t too over facing in size, which was good. A soft taco (which I prefer to the hard ones which shatter upon eating) wrapped up steak pieces, onions and peppers with a sweet chilli jam, which really brought the dish together. The steak pieces were a little small but it did make the dish much easier to eat. The taco was covered in guacamole and sour cream. The sides of rice and salad were ok but nothing special. The salad was fresh but the rice was a bit lacking. Maybe it was because it had sweetcorn in it and wasn’t as fluffy as I liked. I’ll mark that down to personal preference. Although I couldn’t quite finish mine (I think I was full of frozen margarita by this stage) the other two who had the same dish polished off their plates and left not even a scrap. The vegetable and bean fajitas were enjoyed. It arrived on a sizzle plate and the dips and warm flour tortillas were provided on a side plate.

We didn’t have room for any desserts but there were some good ones on offer, including churros and pineapple kebabs. We weren’t hurried away from our table and were left to finish our cocktails. We all had a great time with lovely food, drink and a bustling atmosphere. I look forward to going back.

Food – 8/10

Atmosphere – 8/10

Service – 8/10

Value – 9/10

Overall – 33/40

Cost – just over £100 for two starters and four mains plus two jugs of frozen margaritas