29th March 2017 6.15pm


A joint venture from Maison Bleue and Social Bite and known through the highly publicised visit by Leonardo Di Caprio at the end of last year, we popped in to Home to see what they had to offer. We’d previously visited Maison Bleue so knew we shouldn’t be disappointed. Home offers great value lunch and early evening menus as well as a reasonably priced banquet (3 course) menu and the standard a la carte option. We decided to go with the early evening menu, offering two courses for £14.95. I went for the surprise calamari followed by the chicken kemia with merguez sausage. My friend chose haggis balls followed by chicken tagine.

We were given bread and dipping oils whilst we waited for our starters. Our side plates were beautiful mis-matched china. Our table also had a pen and a little ‘pay it forward’ card, explaining the idea and suggesting prices for paying forward from a coffee (£2) up to dinner for two (£20). You can also donate more should you wish and you can also use gift aid too. Just complete this in time for when you ask for the bill and it’ll get added on.

The starters came quite quickly. My calamari surprise looked great and was served in a small skillet. I guess the surprise was that it was served on a bed of peppers and onions. The calamari was cooked perfectly and the batter was seasoned beautifully. The peppers and onions were delicious and the whole lot came together wonderfully. On the other side of the table, ooohs and aaaahs were being directed at the haggis balls They were coated in a beer batter and were served with clapshot tatties and a whisky sauce. They were gone within an instant (well that’s how it seemed) which was a testament to how good they were.

The mains were also speedily presented. My chicken was delivered on skewers, with the sausages, couscous, checkchouka ratatouille and salad on the side. Sadly, my chicken was over cooked and dry. If there had been a sauce it may have been less noticeable but as it was, it made it a little hard going. The sausages were gorgeous and the rest of the dish was great, so the chicken was a bit of a shame. On the other side of the table the tagine was brought in the traditional dish. Inside, the meal wasn’t attractive looking but was beautiful. My friend seriously could not fault it. The tagine came with peas, artichokes and preserved lemons with a side of couscous. For those who don’t like meat on the bone, this won’t be for you.

We enjoyed our time at Home (ignoring the dry chicken). The staff were friendly and the service was quick. We paid forward a dinner for two. We recommend the tagine!

Food – 8/10
Service – 9/10
Atmosphere – 8/10
Value – 8.5/10

Overall – 33.5/40

Would I eat here again? Yes but would pick a different main

Cost £53 for two early evening 2 course deals, one glass of wine plus a donation of £20.

Maison Bleue

24th September 2015 6pm


Bedouin feast - Maison Bleue

Bedouin feast – Maison Bleue

Earlier in the year I went to the relaunch of Maison Bleue and wrote a mini review. Five months later, I have finally had time to go back and try the bedouin feast they offer and write a proper, full review. The feast must be booked at least 24 hours in advance as the meat is slow cooked. We were welcomed by friendly staff and offered a seat whilst we waited for our table to be prepared (as we had arrived a little early). We were offered drinks and a short while later we were taken to our table, on the first floor of the restaurant. The restaurant still had a great feel about it, even without the PR buzz. Our table looked out onto Victoria Street, which was a nice bonus. We were offered the choice of ordering additional starters but we decided just to wait for the feast to arrive. Luckily the staff did say the feast was large. Bread and dipping oil was placed on the table for us to eat whilst we waited.

Salad - Maison Bleue

Salad – Maison Bleue

There were four of us for the feast but as the food came out, it became apparent that there was enough food for at least six. One platter was full of lamb which was served on a bed of salad and chillis. The chef prepared some off the bone and some on, which is handy if you have someone in the group who struggles with bones in meat. That being said, the meat fell off the bone with a gentle nudge of a spoon. A further tray covered in a variety of salads including onions and lentils was also brought (and we had to get an extra table to keep it on as we couldn’t keep both platters on our table). We also got some fruity cous cous and a couple of dishes of sauce. The lamb was juicy and delicious. The salad was fresh, mixed and complimented the meat. The sauce was perfect, full of good fragrant flavours without being hot, which enabled all palates to enjoy the same sauce. All four of us enjoyed the meal. Sadly we couldn’t finish the food but the staff were kind enough to wrap up the leftovers for or us to take away. We got to enjoy the meal for a second day at work for lunch.

Maison Bleue

Maison Bleue

The bedouin feast is a good idea if there is a group of you and you all like the same food. Otherwise, the menu looks like it offers a good range of other dishes which don’t need pre-ordering, which I am sure we will go back to try at some point.

Food – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – 9/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 34/40

Cost £135 for 4 x Bedouin feast, 2 glasses of wine and a vodka and lemonade

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Maison Bleue – mini review

14th April 2015 – 5.00pm


Cinnamon mojito - Maison Bleue

Cinnamon mojito – Maison Bleue

I was invited to attend a bloggers event for the refurbishment of Maison Bleue and the launch of their Bedouin mechoui feast. I had never ventured to Maison Bleue before, often passing it on Victoria Street but dismissing it, like many other restaurants in the area, as a tourist trap. This event has definitely set me right on that score. We were welcomed via a red carpet into the restaurant and warmly greeted by staff. We were handed a flyer about the changes to the restaurant and a menu of the food and drink to be made available for us to sample. We found ourselves a seat and started chatting to fellow bloggers as the first drink was passed round. This was a cinnamon mojito and was gorgeous. It wasn’t too over powering and was very refreshing. Whilst sipping on the cocktails, Dean, the owner, introduced himself to us and offered to take our small group around the restaurant to show us what they had done, along with his partner, who was equally enthused about the project. From those who had been to the restaurant before, it seemed that the restaurant had not lost any of its warmth, keeping its Moroccan feel. As a first timer, I thought it was utterly charming. The bar area is filled with stools and plush seating. This led onto the ground floor dining area, which had plenty of light coming in from the large windows at the front of the property. It was here that we could see the crockery they had chosen, which was a beautiful mish-mash of Victoriana. We headed up the worn stone spiral stairs to the first floor, where Dean pointed out a section of the wall covered in glass. The wall covering behind it was about 300 years old. It was nice to see that they had managed to keep some history within the building. Dean explained that the building used to be a stable, which was apparent when you spotted the large arches. This place had a nice romantic feel and some great views over Victoria Street.

Seafood gumbo (midway through eating) - Maison Bleue

Seafood gumbo (midway through eating) – Maison Bleue

Now, onto the food. Sadly we weren’t able to stay very long so did not get to try the Bedouin feast (which is typical considering the blog is Edinburgh Feasts). However, the food we were able to taste was simply delicious and confirmed that we would definitely head back to try the feast (warning, you have to order this 24 hours before you are due to visit as it takes so long to prepare and cook). We got to try a good selection of salads, from lentils to peppers. We also had the most amazing merguez sausages. They had a great spice to them that meant I could have eaten them all evening (in fact, I have also been thinking about them all evening). We also got to try haggis balls which were surprisingly light and not an ounce of grease, as well as some delicious spring rolls. We also got to try a seafood gumbo. This had a comforting quality about it. The seafood was perfectly cooked and was spiced with great accuracy. The fish flaked gently and the mussels were juicy.

Whilst I am not giving Maison Bleue a proper review this time, as it was a special event and we only got to sample a small amount of what was on offer, we have decided that we will definitely be going back to try it properly and have already thought of a few friends we intend to invite along for the ride. Don’t feel that you have to wait for my full review though, I reckon it’s going to be worth your while.