Bang bang chicken burger - Brewdog

Brewdog (Lothian Road)

6th March 2019 6pm

Food – 8/10

We ate:
• Bang bang chicken burger (special)
• Jackpot burger
• Fries x 2
• Beer
• Diet coke

Bang bang chicken burger - Brewdog

Bang bang chicken burger – Brewdog

The bang bang chicken burger was excellent. It was quite stacked, with a deep fried chicken thigh, hot sauce, lettuce and sriracha mayo. A light slaw sat on top. The flavours danced on the taste buds and was a delight to eat. The mayo really worked well in pulling all the ingredients together. Somehow it almost felt like a healthy burger (I can kid myself!) The fries were a little limp though, which was a bit disappointing.

Jackpot burger and fries - Brewdog

Jackpot burger and fries – Brewdog

The jackpot burger consisted of a beef brisket patty with chorizo, black pudding, blue cheese and bbq sauce. This was also a large burger but easy enough to manage. It was full of flavour. The bun was also great as it was covered in poppy and sesame seeds.

Fritz-Kola - Brewdog

Fritz-Kola – Brewdog

Service – 8/10

Friendly service.

Atmosphere – 7/10

Great if you like a bustling atmosphere but perhaps a bit too noisy for decent conversation.



Value – 9/10

The voucher was a good deal but at full price, the burgers were still good value.

True cost approximately £35

Overall – 32/40

Would I eat here again? Yes.