Maison Bleue

24th September 2015 6pm

Bedouin feast - Maison Bleue

Bedouin feast – Maison Bleue

Earlier in the year I went to the relaunch of Maison Bleue and wrote a mini review. Five months later, I have finally had time to go back and try the bedouin feast they offer and write a proper, full review. The feast must be booked at least 24 hours in advance as the meat is slow cooked. We were welcomed by friendly staff and offered a seat whilst we waited for our table to be prepared (as we had arrived a little early). We were offered drinks and a short while later we were taken to our table, on the first floor of the restaurant. The restaurant still had a great feel about it, even without the PR buzz. Our table looked out onto Victoria Street, which was a nice bonus. We were offered the choice of ordering additional starters but we decided just to wait for the feast to arrive. Luckily the staff did say the feast was large. Bread and dipping oil was placed on the table for us to eat whilst we waited.

Salad - Maison Bleue

Salad – Maison Bleue

There were four of us for the feast but as the food came out, it became apparent that there was enough food for at least six. One platter was full of lamb which was served on a bed of salad and chillis. The chef prepared some off the bone and some on, which is handy if you have someone in the group who struggles with bones in meat. That being said, the meat fell off the bone with a gentle nudge of a spoon. A further tray covered in a variety of salads including onions and lentils was also brought (and we had to get an extra table to keep it on as we couldn’t keep both platters on our table). We also got some fruity cous cous and a couple of dishes of sauce. The lamb was juicy and delicious. The salad was fresh, mixed and complimented the meat. The sauce was perfect, full of good fragrant flavours without being hot, which enabled all palates to enjoy the same sauce. All four of us enjoyed the meal. Sadly we couldn’t finish the food but the staff were kind enough to wrap up the leftovers for or us to take away. We got to enjoy the meal for a second day at work for lunch.

Maison Bleue

Maison Bleue

The bedouin feast is a good idea if there is a group of you and you all like the same food. Otherwise, the menu looks like it offers a good range of other dishes which don’t need pre-ordering, which I am sure we will go back to try at some point.

Food – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – 9/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 34/40

Cost £135 for 4 x Bedouin feast, 2 glasses of wine and a vodka and lemonade

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