11th June 2015 – 6.15pm

Apple juice - Soderberg

Apple juice – Soderberg

I had an evening work event to attend but as I had a little bit of time and not wanting to miss out on the warm weather, I looked for somewhere to sit out for a bite to eat. I had been meaning to try Soderberg since it opened earlier this year. A venture that forms part of Peter’s Yard, Soderberg creates its own sourdough and uses it to make some delicious food. Their speciality for the evening service is pizza (which can be bought by the slice at lunch). Upon arrival I was greeted by a friendly waiter who looked a bit like a young Leonardo Di Caprio. He said I could sit myself outside and he would bring me a menu. The outside seating is very relaxed and is in a nice little square hidden within the Quartermile complex. Whilst perusing the relatively short but still varied menu, I ordered an apple juice, which was solely pressed apples. It was absolutely delicious and perfectly refreshing. I was informed that one of the pizzas was not available that evening but an alternative of an asparagus and hollandaise pizza was available instead. I was tempted by how fresh that sounded so plumped for that, even though traditionally I would normally go for a tomato based pizza. If I had not been able to decide, there was also an option to have a set of mini pizzas with a variety of toppings, which might be fun for a couple to share.

Asparagus and hollondaise pizza - Soderberg

Asparagus and hollondaise pizza – Soderberg

I didn’t have to wait too long for the pizza and when it arrived I couldn’t wait to tuck in. Firstly, let’s talk about the base, which is where Soderberg’s speciality resides. I had never had a sourdough pizza before but I am sold. The base was thin, light and crispy and not doughy in the slightest. It worked very well as a base. The asparagus was full of flavour and was complimented by the zingy hollandaise, which was lightly drizzled onto the pizza rather than used as a base sauce. There were also melted pieces of mozzarella scattered across the pizza so the cheese element was not lost. Also, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the pizza was of a generous size. I only just managed to finish it and felt satisfyingly full afterwards.

This place was welcoming, the staff were friendly and helpful and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable that I was dining alone. I will be coming back again so I can work my way through the menu.

Food – 9/10

Service – 9/10

Atmosphere – 8/10

Value – 8/10

Overall – 34/40

Cost – £16 for a pizza and an apple juice

Mimi’s Bakehouse

31st May 2015 – 10.30am



I have been to Mimi’s a few times but this was a purposeful visit to try the before noon tea (like afternoon tea but with more breakfast items). I was really looking forward to this as I already know they do a mean French toast for breakfast and their cakes are out of this world.

Before Noon Tea - Mimis

Before Noon Tea – Mimis

The food comes on a cake stand and diners are offered a selection of teas. My friends went for tea but as someone who does not drink tea or coffee, I opted for a fruit juice. The cake stand consisted of lots (and I mean lots) of tasty treats. To start, we had small bacon rolls, with a choice of sauces. There was a generous portion of these, enough for two rolls each. The bacon has great flavour and it was an excellent start. We then moved onto their award winning cheese scones with a cream cheese and chive spread. The scones were of the mini variety and again we had two each. They were warm and soft – no doughy texture here. The cheese flavour was delicious and moreish. The spread was nice and light, which was a good thing as we still had plenty of other things to sample. We then moved onto the granola. There was a nice mix of seeds within the granola and the fruit was sweet without being sickly. It provided a nice transition from the savoury elements to the more sweet parts. Next we tucked into the cinnamon rolls which had the perfect balance of cinnamon and sweet topping. Our penultimate item was a mini pancake stack dusted generously with icing sugar. This seemed a little dry and might have worked better with a compote type filling to moisten the stack rather than the sticky dulce de leche filling. Lastly, the mini toffee muffin was a good bite sized treat to finish off with and disappeared in a couple of mouthfuls. It had a lovely depth of toffee flavour with a surprising toffee crunch on top.

At the start of the tea we had contemplated getting cake to take away with us after but we were so full it was too difficult to make a decision on cake, so we’ll perhaps pop to the Picnic Parlour shop on the Royal Mile another day instead. Overall, the before noon tea was a delight. Surprisingly I enjoyed the savoury items more than the sweet but this is certainly this is an experience everyone should spoil themselves with.

Food – 8/10

Service – 8/10

Atmosphere – 8/10

Value – 9/10

Overall – 33/40

Cost – £40 for three before noon teas.