Hello there! My name is Emma and welcome to my website reviewing restaurants in the Edinburgh area. I’ve lived in Edinburgh since 2009 and have spent quite a bit of time eating out. Previously coming from a town where you could count the number of good restaurants on one hand, the sheer number of restaurants Edinburgh has to offer can be a little overwhelming. After getting asked by several friends for recommendations and suggesting I should start a blog, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge.

Whilst I have no intention of being a food critic, I want to help people make decisions on where to try, whether it be a long term resident of the city or a tourist stopping for a short visit. I am also aware that there are some other great Edinburgh food blogs out there and from time to time I may point you in their direction too.

The site has a number of features including a map which links to reviews, an A-Z of restaurants reviewed and a list of high scoring restaurants that achieve 35/40 or above.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to say hello, ask more details or even suggest somewhere you would like me to review. Other ways to reach me apart from this website are:

Email – edinburghfeasts@btinternet.com

Facebook – /edinburghfeasts

Twitter – @edinburghfeasts

Instagram –EdinburghFeasts

Bon apetit!

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