15th March 2019 7.30pm


Food – 9/10

We ate:
• Thung Kam Phoy – Moneybags
• Ped Chom Yong – Pretty duck
• Chicken massaman curry
• Chicken panang curry
• Sticky rice x2
• One glass of wine

The duck salad was exquisite. The meat itself was tender and succulent. The sweet chilli sauce dressing on the salad was not too sweet and worked well with the surprise of the dish, mango. I really was unsure whether mango would work but I loved it. The onions have added zing and the cashew nuts brought the texture. Across the table, the moneybags looks really cute. Four adorned the plate, with a bowl of sweet chilli sauce and a beautifully presented salad. Inside the bags were mushrooms, toasted glutinous rice, and herbs and spices. These went down well.

Per Chom Yong - Dusit

Per Chom Yong – Dusit

Thung Kam Phoy - Dusit

Thung Kam Phoy – Dusit

The chicken massaman curry was delicious. The bowl looked small on arrival but I actually struggled to finish it. Filled with plenty of chicken and potato and topped off with some crispy fried onions, this was a hearty dish which went really well with the amazingly sticky rice we had ordered. My dining companion also enjoyed her chicken panang curry but said she thought she would have preferred mine. That said, she still thought her dish had good flavour and was tasty.

Chicken massaman curry - Dusit

Chicken massaman curry – Dusit

Chicken Panang - Dusit

Chicken Panang – Dusit

Unsurprisingly we were too full for dessert.

Service – 9/10

Very helpful staff.

Atmosphere – 9/10

Dusit has a bustling atmosphere but somehow is not noisy. It felt like a vibrant restaurant.



Value – 8/10

The food isn’t the cheapest but it is of great quality.

Cost £60

Overall – 35/40

Would I eat here again? Definitely

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