Review of the Year: 2018

As we conclude our fourth year at Edinburgh Feasts, we take a look back on what this year has uncovered. We have reviewed 54 restaurants in 2018, 8 of which have gone into our highest scoring reviews. Here are some of the highlights.

Favourite Restaurants

There have been some great new kids on the block this year. Whilst we could write quite an extensive list, here are some of the highlights (click the headings to read the full review):


We have fallen in love with Mono and have now visited multiple times this year. We first went for the tasting menu but have also been back for the lovely lunch menu. Mono offers contemporary Italian dining and really delivers some very exciting food.


It’s worth heading to Newington for this beauty. Sonder offers contemporary European cuisine with bold flavours and clever combinations. We adore this place.


Formed after the dissolution of Norn, Borough down at The Shore offers effortless dining and dishes you find yourself thinking about for some time after.

Six By Nico

We couldn’t omit the sensation that is Six by Nico. This place caused a stir in Edinburgh throughout 2018. Changing it’s themed set menu every 6 weeks, there should be something to take everyone’s fancy. It’s also very reasonably priced. Although here at ‘Feasts we had to force ourselves to miss a couple of these in order to avoid starting a habit!

Those who have opened prior to 2018 also got a look in:

Forage and Chatter

Sublime flavours with Scottish ingredients, Forage and Chatter knows how to create amazing plates of food. You feel you’ve been hugged and wowed in equal measure.

Best dishes

Sprouts, bearnaise and lardo – Borough

Sprouts, lardo and bearnaise sauce - Borough

Sprouts, lardo and bearnaise sauce – Borough

We are still talking about this dish a month after eating it. Enough to turn a sprout hater’s head.

Chips and Cheese – Six by Nico

‘Chips and Cheese’ - Six by Nico

‘Chips and Cheese’ – Six by Nico

Hands down, Six By Nico makes the most amazing espumas.

Onion Tart – Forage and Chatter

Onion Tart - Forage and Chatter

Onion Tart – Forage and Chatter

How can so much flavour be packed into such a simple dish?

Deep fried shredded beef in chilli – Golden Dragon

Deep fried shredded beef in chilli - Golden Dragon

Deep fried shredded beef in chilli – Golden Dragon

They say it’s voted the best in Edinburgh and I’m not sure I can argue with that.

Smoked chorizo mac and cheese – Harry’s Bar

Smoked Chorizo Mac and Cheese - Harry’s Bar

Smoked Chorizo Mac and Cheese – Harry’s Bar


Popular reviews and photos

Whilst this won’t be strictly accurate, considering not all reviews have been up for very long, the top 5 reviews on the site based on the number of views this year have been:

  1. On Bap (Korean)
  2. Jilani’s (desserts)
  3. Maki and Ramen – Leith St (Japanese)
  4. Crolla’s (mainly desserts)
  5. Forage and Chatter (Scottish)

Surprisingly, two of these were actually reviewed in 2017, so good to see they are still useful.

The top 9 photos on our Instagram account can be seen below:

Instagram best 9 2018

Top row: Miss Woo’s, Mother India, Taxidi
Middle row: Brunch and Supper, Roti, Brasserie Prince
Bottom row: Scottish Café and Restaurant, El Cartel, Wine House 1821

Lastly, here is an little infographic about Edinburgh Feasts over the past year, which includes some of the information above.

Edinburgh Feasts 2018 review infographic


We didn’t do everything we intended to, such as top 5’s, as life is getting in the way. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with reviews, so will be mixing the format up a little bit in 2019 to try to get reviews up more quickly but still provide the information readers may find useful. Your feedback will always be appreciated. You can still use our tools to find the reviews you are looking for:


Restaurant Review Map

Highest Scoring Reviews

In 2019 we’ll still be eating at plenty of new places so come back and visit, or subscribe by filling in your email address into the subscribe option in the menu (left hand on desktops and settings icon on mobile).

All the best for 2019 and thanks for supporting Edinburgh Feasts!


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