The Barologist

14th October 2018 1.30pm

There is no doubt that the Barologist offers a fun and quirky setting. With stars on the ceiling, snow falling in a gilt frame, fairy lights intertwined with flowers, fancy seats and various steampunk paraphernalia there will be something to catch your eye. Would the dining experience live up to the visuals?





The menu offered an extensive choice. I opted for the deli board where you can choose four items for £10.99 (and add further items for a small additional cost). My friends went for the jambalaya and the steak as well as a starter of a flurry of chicken to share. We also got a few cocktails in because, why not? We were served by someone who usually works on the bar, so did struggle with both the menu and remembering our orders but we could forgive him as he was trying his best.

Cocktails - Barologist

Cocktails – Barologist

Aurora Borealis - Barologist

Aurora Borealis – Barologist

The cocktails were all great, but I was particularly impressed by the Aurora Borealis. I think the fruit droplets were a lovely addition to the drink. I am also a bit of a sucker for novelty.

Flurry of chicken - Barologist

Flurry of chicken – Barologist

Deli Board - Barologist

Deli Board – Barologist

My two friends had ordered the flurry of chicken and really enjoyed this. I had chosen the mini Cornish pasties, chicken liver pate, chicken goujons and beetroot mac n cheese for my deli board. This platter also came with bread and butter. The pasties were missing the tomato jam but were otherwise well flavoured. The pate was delicious and paired well with the bread. The goujons were nothing special but ok. The beetroot mac n cheese was really tasty. Across the table, the jambalaya was not hitting the right buttons. Missing the flavour required and accompanied by a big hulk of cornbread, this really left my friend underwhelmed. The steak arrived on a sizzle plate along with onion rings and tomatoes (she’d ordered chips and mac and cheese on the side). This was a decent steak with good flavour. All the accompaniments were of a pleasant standard.

Jambalaya - Barologist

Jambalaya – Barologist

Steak- Barologist

Steak- Barologist

Two of us decided to try desserts. I picked the mudslide and my friend chose the trio of treats. I found the mudslide quite dry, even with the whipped cream. It was also served on the metal disc from the tart case, which really should have been removed. The trio of mini desserts was a bit better. This included a brownie, pavlova and sticky toffee pudding. There was still a dryness though as the promised cream was not served.

Mudslide - Barologist

Mudslide – Barologist

Trio of treats - Barologist

Trio of treats – Barologist

Espresso and cake - Barologist

Espresso and cake – Barologist

We finished with drinks and one of the group had a whisky flight. Sadly one of the flight had something floating in it and tasted off, so had to be sent back and replaced.

Sunset on the Shore - Barologist

Sunset on the Shore – Barologist

Whisky flight - Barologist

Whisky flight – Barologist

I had so wanted to fall in love with the Barologist. Unfortunately it was a little off the mark, but does show some glimmers of potential. Hopefully it will find its feet once it’s been running a bit longer.

Food – 6/10
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere- 10/10
Value – 8/10

Overall – 31/40

Would I eat here again? Yes but more likely to visit for drinks and nibbles

£122 for one starter, two mains, one deli board, three desserts, four cocktails, one mocktail and a whisky flight.

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