Loch Fyne

3rd August 2018 1.30pm


I’ll be honest, we had been intending to try the Fishmarket at Newhaven but it was full, so we toddled along to Loch Fyne. It’s a light and airy venue with some lovely views. They offer a really reasonably priced lunch menu, which we decided to give a shot. We were advised that mussels were off the menu as they were not at their best at the moment (then why are they on the menu, I wonder?). Anyway, I opted for the sardines to start followed by the steak – with a supplement – for my main. My friends chose both the sardines and potted mackerel for their starters and both chose salmon fishcakes for their mains.

Sardines - Loch Fyne

Sardines – Loch Fyne

Potted Mackerel - Loch Fyne

Potted Mackerel – Loch Fyne

The starters were pretty decent. The chargrilled sardines were plentiful and had a really nice chilli and coriander dressing on top. I enjoyed the addition of Greek yoghurt to add to the fish. I’d never had sardines before but this was a good introduction. The potted mackerel was a little dull in comparison. It came with who generous sized pieces of toast but it all seemed a little mismatched. That said, my friend still enjoyed the dish enough.

Flat Iron Steak - Loch Fyne

Flat Iron Steak – Loch Fyne

Fries - Loch Fyne

Fries – Loch Fyne

The mains arrived but my steak came without its bearnaise sauce. I waited a little and then ended up asking a waiter if I’d misunderstood the menu. I had not. They had just forgotten it. As it was a flat iron steak, they recommended that it be cooked medium rather than the rare I would usually go for. It came perfectly cooked and was nice to eat. The watercress looked a little sad next to it though. My chips were also a bit hard and crunchy so weren’t the best. My two friends had both chosen then salmon fish cakes. Two fish cakes sat on top of wilted spinach with a creamy Provençal sauce. Whilst the both said they were nice, one of them discovered a massive (and I do mean massive) bone in her fish cake. It should have easily been spotted by the chef based on the size.

Salmon Fishcakes - Loch Fyne

Salmon Fishcakes – Loch Fyne

Two of us opted for dessert. I was tempted by the crème brulee and my friend chose the treacle taste. The crème brûlée was of a good standard. It was creamy with a lovely balance of vanilla. The shortbread alongside was a little superfluous though. My friend though the treacle tart was alright but wasn’t sure that it was orange but grapefruit that was presented with it.

Creme Brulee - Loch Fyne

Creme Brulee – Loch Fyne

Treacle Tart - Loch Fyne

Treacle Tart – Loch Fyne

Whilst the flavours were decent overall, somehow we left not overly impressed. The tables were sticky due to tired varnish and bits and pieces failed to deliver.

Food – 7/10
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere- 7/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 30/40

Would I eat here again? At a push

Cost around £45 for two three course set lunches and one two course set lunch.

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