Brunch and Supper

19th June 2018 6pm

The idea of Brunch and Supper is pretty much explained in their name. Brunch is offered through the day and then supper is offered in the evenings. We arrived just as their evening session was opening. We had an Itison voucher which meant that between the two of us we had three options from the ‘lights’ section of the menu, one bowl, one plate and one bite plus two glasses of wine, all for £19 in total.

We received a lovely welcome on arrival and a little explanation about the sharing ethos of the supper. We both wanted pretty much everything on the menu but ended up opting for the haggis and black pudding croquette, pork belly and the sticky salmon as our three lights, a bowl of mussels for the bowl, the Korean smoked aubergine, sweet potato, and sticky rice for our plate and harissa fries for our side. They seemed to have options that cover vegetarians and vegans too, so everyone should be able to find something they like on the menu.

Flabread - Brunch and Supper

Flabread – Brunch and Supper

We were given some flatbreads with dips whilst we waited for our food. The homemade ketchup type dip was delicious. As explained to us, the food came out when it was ready, although I am not sure the table was really big enough for this deal as we had to rest some of the plates on the table next to us.

Mussels - Brunch and Supper

Mussels – Brunch and Supper

We first tucked into the mussels. These were sat in a vodka, coconut and lime sauce with chillis, coriander and basil. The mussels were big and juicy and the sauce was broth like and light. We were given an extra bit of lime to squeeze over the top and that really made my palate zing in a lovely way. The chillis weren’t too overpowering and you could taste the elements. Great start.

Korean Aubergine and Sweet Potato - Brunch and Supper

Korean Aubergine and Sweet Potato – Brunch and Supper

We moved onto the Korean aubergine dish. This was an extraordinary dish and if you usually keep away from vegetarian food, I implore you to give this a try. The depth of flavours were stunning. There was no mistaking there was a fair bit of chilli in there but these was balanced out with the gloriously sticky rice. We were both blown away by the balance of simple and complex.

Haggis and black pudding croquette - Brunch and Supper

Haggis and black pudding croquette – Brunch and Supper

We then went into the haggis and black pudding croquette, which was large and sliced in two. This came with a scrummy red onion marmalade and a beautiful whisky sauce. The marmalade cut through the richness of the croquette and it all worked perfectly together. This felt like a plate full of happiness.

Pork belly - Brunch and Supper

Pork belly – Brunch and Supper

Next was the pork belly. This was probably our least favourite for both of us but given the standard of the food, that doesn’t mean it was bad. The pork was a little dry but did benefit from the strips of pickled apple sitting on top. This was sat on a bed of chilli pineapple. The pineapple was nice enough but I would have preferred more of the apple instead.

Salmon - Brunch and Supper

Salmon – Brunch and Supper

The sticky salmon was a joy. Looking at the elements on the dish, most you would say would work but you would be a little unsure of the pancakes. However, do not fret. This was a gem of a dish. The salmon was cooked to perfection, flaking beautifully with a crispy skin. The ginger pancakes absorbed a bit of the soy dressing which made them succulent. The spring onions just finished the plate off nicely. Yum!

We munched on the harissa fries all the way through didn’t carry much harissa flavour. Maybe a harissa duo would have worked better than a powder. That said, they were still fab fries.

We were really surprised at the level of cooking at Brunch and Supper. Classy, wonderful flavours delivered in a understated manner.

Food – 9/10
Service – 9/10
Atmosphere – 8/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 34/40

Would I eat here again? Very much so

£19 for the voucher, true cost around £42.

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