4th December 2017 6pm

I attended the launch of BABA back at the beginning of November and was immediately excited about the place. The food was great but I wanted to put them through their paces during a normal service. Sister restaurant to the wonderful Ox and Finch in Glasgow, BABA‘s food is different in that it is inspired by the flavours of the Levant. BABA’s interiors also reflect this approach. There are lots of communal dining tables as well as smaller tables for a more intimate dinner. That coupled with a cocktail bar area, this is a place that works well for socialising in any level.

I’ll lay it out now – BABA’s dips are amazing. You should easily find something your palate will be delighted by. However, if you can’t chose, they offer a selection instead, which is exactly what we went for. We then also ordered two mains and a side, I went for the lamb shawarma and my friend chose the squid, merguez sausage and salmorejo and we ordered ptitim on the side.

The dips came out in abundance. There were eight in all, including hummus, baba ganoush, beetroot and feta, squash, butter bean, labneh with tomatoes and harissa, muhammara with chilli and walnut and goats cheese with pistachio. Along with the dips we got some grilled pitta bread to scoop up the deliciousness. They were all excellent. I think my favourites were the labneh and the muhammara but all of them were really flavoursome. I could easily see a leisurely afternoon with a few cocktails, working my way through the dips. Definitely worth experiencing.

The mains came out and smelt gorgeous. My lamb shawarma came deconstructed so you could build it how you liked. There was plenty of lamb which was nestled on harissa tomatoes, hummus and garlic tahini. The pitta pockets were warm and ready to be loaded with food. This all tasted gorgeous and there was a sense of gratification eating this dish. On the other side of the table the squid looked fabulous and the taste matched the visuals. The seafood was complemented with the spices coming from the merguez sausage. The ptitim was a little bit more lemony that I’d had last time which was the only thing that didn’t quite hit the mark but was still passable.

BABA’s staff were friendly and happy to give recommendations. It’s clear that they have tried the food and understand the flavours. BABA was a great experience and should be visited – frequently!

Food – 9/10
Service – 9/10
Atmosphere – 9/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 36/40

Would I eat here again? With those dips? Try to stop me!

Cost – £58 for a sharing set of dips, two mains, a side and two cocktails

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