Le Monde

1st December 2017 12noon


The office Christmas party was arranged for Le Monde. We had a separate room upstairs that seated the 40ish of us. I never expect extravagant food at what is essentially a mass catering exercise but at £37 a pop, I did hope that it wouldn’t be a load of limp carrots and turkey dry enough to rival the Sahara. We were all given a glass of fizz on arrival, which got the party off to a nice start. It seems that the one person who didn’t have their order written on the co-ordinated list was the one who stole my starter, as I was left without. However, a quick dash to the kitchen and the waiter bought out the whipped goats cheese and beetroot salad. It was missing the micro herbs on top but considering it wasn’t their mistake, I wasn’t going to grumble. However, it did become clear that is was the smallest of the starters on offer, and they all varied quite a bit in size. The soup was massive and the terrine and salmon were more of the size I’d expect as a starter. My beetroot was a little dull but the whipped goats cheese was nice. Generally I was underwhelmed, as were the others on my table that had chosen this dish. The butternut squash soup, on the other hand, was going down a treat – even though it was a bit on the big side. The terrine and the salmon were both decent enough but nothing stand out.

As we were far enough away from Christmas, I opted for the turkey roulade. It appeared that everyone else had the same idea. This was surprisingly good. The turkey wasn’t too dry and there was plenty of it. The fondant potato was excellent and the root vegetables had a lovely sweet flavour. The creamed Brussel sprouts weren’t quite what I expected, as they had been coated in a cream rather than them being broken down into cream, but it didn’t matter as they also tasted great. Happy faces all round. One colleague near me had the bream, which came with a beautifully coloured pea and her risotto. This was also enjoyed this although felt a little uninspired, which seemed to be the general theme so far.

Onto desserts. I had chosen the chocolate and hazelnut salted caramel torte. This came with a quenelle of clotted cream and some raspberry gel. It was a delightful dessert and the slice was just the right size. The clotted cream wasn’t for everyone but I wolfed it down. A few others had the vanilla cheesecake. This came with a spiced pear and plum compote to give it a bit of a Christmassy feel. Again, this was received well across the table.

Le Monde did surprisingly well for a Christmas dinner. Whilst it was a little mixed, in comparison with other similar festive meals, this was a decent enough offering. It didn’t do enough to encourage me to dash back in the new year though.

Food – 8/10
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – 8/10
Value – 8/10

Overall – 32/40

Would I eat here again? Maybe but it wouldn’t be my first choice.

£37 per person including welcome glass of fizz

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