Cafe Truva

13th September 2017 12.30pm

We popped in here, the Art School branch, to try lunch as we worked close by. Café Truva seems a bit tardis-like, with never ending dining space. We settled in a spot by the window and perused the menu. Café Truva offers breakfasts, sandwiches, toasties, salads and other hot food. I opted for a ham panini, my friends chose falafel with aubergine and hummus, and a wrap.

Ham Panini - Cafe Truva

Ham Panini – Cafe Truva

Service was prompt and we all received our food. My panini was warm but not grilled to an inch of its life, so it still had a bit of give and wasn’t like cardboard – thank goodness. The filling was ample and the taste was good. The falafel came with a generous dollop of hummus and two large slices of pitta bread. The flavour was good and the falafel wasn’t too dry. The wrap was very similar to my panini and it’s contents were oozing out of the top of the wrap. All our plates had the addition of a small side salad which consisted of tomato, slaw, cucumber, a salsa and some raita. I particularly enjoyed the salsa.

All the food was tasty – nothing was at the level of ‘wow’ but it is a solid lunch option. We were also not hurried out, which made it for a relaxing eat.

Food – 7/10
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – 7/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 31/40

Would I eat here again? Yes as it’s handy for a quick bite to eat

£22 for three mains, two soft drinks and a tea

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