28th March 2017 7pm


A relatively new addition to Lothian Road, Wildwood (not to be confused with Wildmanwood) offers a variety of burgers, salads, pizzas, risottos and other bits and pieces. The venue is nicely decorated and we were warmly greeted and seated upon arrival. After browsing both the standard menu and the specials, I went for the calamari and then a prawn and chorizo risotto from the specials menu. My friend chose the baked mushrooms followed by the Philly steak and cheese sandwich.

Our drinks arrived whilst we waited for our starters. My friend had chosen the raspberry lemonade. Whilst it looked nice and was definitely pink, it didn’t really have any raspberry taste. She was quite disappointed with this. However, when the starters arrived she perked up as her baked mushrooms looked great and she really enjoyed them. They were coated in melted Gorgonzola cheese and had spinach and walnuts scattered across them too. Some toasted focaccia was sat on the side. My calamari didn’t look overly inspiring but wasn’t too bad. The accompanying Cajun mayonnaise was plentiful and tasty. The calamari wasn’t rubbery and tasted pleasant but wasn’t anything special. Weirdly, when the waitress collected the plates, she also took away all the cutlery for the next course another waitress had already laid out for us. A third waitress came and gave us new cutlery. Odd.

The mains arrived and my risotto was a hearty portion. There were plenty of prawns and chorizo mixed through it, along with some tomatoes. The rice itself was cooked well. However, it tasted a bit bland, with the chorizo the only thing imparting any flavour. The prawns were also a bit over cooked, which was a shame as they were quite meaty and could have been great. On the other side of the table my friend was distinctly unimpressed. Firstly her fries were salted, which was not indicated on the menu and she found it too much. The sandwich itself was smothered in mayonnaise which overpowered everything. The cheese could not easily be identified and the steak was tough. All in all quite disappointing.

We had been realistic about what to expect and we’re still a bit let down (even the epic music being played couldn’t save it). There are better, and cheaper, places on Lothian Road.

Food – 5/10
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere- 8/10
Value – 7/10

Overall – 27/40

Would I eat here again? Unlikely

Cost £40 for two starters, mains and soft drinks

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