11th March 2017 8pm

After having some fun at Locked In Edinburgh at Summerhall (highly recommended) we popped round the corner – well maybe a little further – to Blonde for dinner. A deceptively large neighbourhood restaurant serving Scottish/European food, Blonde had a light and airy feel. We decided to bypass starters with the thought we may do dessert. So on that basis I went for coley from the mains, my friends went for rib-eye steak, dukkah chicken and gnocchi.

All arrived and I have to say the smell of my friend’s dukkah chicken was amazing. I had a serious amount of food envy. However, I tucked into my grilled fillet of coley. Sadly my first mouthful had a bone in it, which tainted what was otherwise a beautifully cooked piece of fish. Only one other bone was discovered in the generously sized fillet but it was a bit of a shame. The cheddar mash was good and not too over powering. The creamed leeks were nice and the kale full of flavour. Across from me, the rib-eye steak was a good size and came with roasted vegetables and fries. The steak was a little bit difficult to cut, even with a steak knife, which was disappointing. The gnocchi came with sun blushed tomatoes, broad brand and artichoke and was smothered in a cheese sauce. There was probably a bit too much sauce as my friend felt that it made the dish a bit dull as it became only one level of flavour. The aforementioned chicken was being warmly received. I think this was definitely the best dish at the table. Dukkah is a blend of seeds, nuts and spices. The chicken was perched on top of a sun blushed tomato, feta and sweet potato salad, mixed with a lime and avocado crème fraiche. My friend isn’t a big fan of feta but she concluded that it tasted good in this dish.

(apologies that these photos are a little blurred)

We decided that we couldn’t fit in desserts but we had an array of teas, coffees and liqueurs, the last of which was a Baileys which they had run out of but actually went out to get a new bottle. Now that’s service!

A pleasant enough meal which filled a hole in our stomachs.

Food – 7/10
Service – 9.5/10
Atmosphere – 7/10
Value – 7/10

Overall – 30.5/40

Would I eat here again? Maybe

Cost £78 for four main courses, a gin and tonic, a baileys, a large bottle of sparkling water, an apple juice, an Americano and a mint tea.

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