Shebeen – Dalry

7th February 2017 6.15pm

We were actually booked into the Morrison St branch but a call just over an hour before our booking confirmed an issue with gas and the grill and they offered to move us to the Dalry Road branch, which didn’t pose too much of a problem. It was a dreich night and as a result the restaurant was a little chilly. However, the restaurant braced it’s South African roots with décor and music to buoy you. I had been recommended Shebeen a couple of times for its steaks, so I had to choose a steak. Shebeen offers a variety of steaks – rump and sirloin are available in ‘cheetah’ size (up to 480g) and ‘lion’ (over 500g) and then when available, t-bone and rib-eye are also options. I went for the cheetah sized beef rump and ordered monkey gland sauce on the side. My friend went for the rack of ribs. We both chose calamari for our starters.



The calamari came out very quickly. Served in a bucket on a plate with side salad and a sweet chilli mayo, it looked nice but meant having to lift the big bits of calamari out onto the plate to cut. The calamari was covered in a nice herby batter. It was just a shame it didn’t actually stay on the calamari. The seafood itself was a touch rubbery, which was a shame but it wasn’t as far as making it inedible. We kept our fingers crossed that the mains would be a bit better.

Calamari - Shebeen

Calamari – Shebeen

The mains came out and whilst we knew the portions would be big, we were still stunned with the size on arrival. My steak was verging on 2 inches thick (the photo doesn’t do it justice). Cooked exactly as I requested it – rare – and coated with their own special rub which was tasty. The steak was served with a small number of chunky chips (when I say small, I mean 4, but they were huge), mushroom, onion rings and a side salad. This was a hearty plate of food. The monkey gland sauce consisted of onion, garlic, smoked paprika, mango chutney, chilli, Worcestershire sauce and port, which was sweet but delicious. The whole dish was full of flavour and I have to comment on how tasty that mushroom was, even if it wasn’t the star of the dish. This was a good course. On the other side of the table, the ribs came with the same accompaniments, even though it hadn’t be advertised as such on the menu. There was lots of meat on the ribs and the flavour was excellent. She sung the meat’s praises. Sadly due to the volume she couldn’t eat much else on the plate but she enjoyed what she had.

As we were, unsurprisingly, too full to finish everything we had to pass on desserts, which was a shame as I had been eyeing up the peppermint crisp tart.

Overall Shebeen is good. A little costly, particularly the starters (£7.50 for the calamari) but the mains are probably worth it.

Food – 7.5/10
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – 7/10
Value – 7/10

Overall – 29.5/40

Would I eat here again? Maybe

Cost £55 for two starters, mains and diet cokes

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