Ninja Kitchen



24th January 2017 6pm

Itison vouchers come in handy during January. We had purchased one for Ninja Kitchen in December so were pleased to get to use it in what can be a ‘poor’ month. Ninja Kitchen can be found in Bourbon on Frederick Street and is situated in a basement. This place has a relaxed feel. Our table was reserved so we got seated and started pouring over the options we had in the deal, which included a combo meal and a cocktail each. All orders for food are filled in on a little paper order form. We were advised by our server that the beef was out and that as the meals are on the smaller side we might want to consider adding some additional plates. We were disappointed that the beef was off as one of us would have definitely chosen it. However the combo meal allows for a steamed bun, fries and a slaw. I went for the pork bun with salted fries and peanut slaw. My friend decided to try the fish finger steamed bun with chilli-garlic fries and an Asian slaw. We also got some additional chicken skewers and ordered our cocktails. There were some interesting other flavour options (such as wasabi-orange fries) which we didn’t go for this time but are certainly intriguing.

The combo meals arrived in a basket, with the bun and fries and a little dish of the slaw balanced on top. The buns were nice. The steamed buns were wonderfully soft. However, I think the pork was a little dry with not enough hoisin for my liking but the pickle was crunchy and the peanut dust was tasty. This complemented the peanut slaw I chose, which was sublime and I could have eaten a massive bowlful of it. The fries were also of an excellent quality. On the other side of the table the fish finger bun was a surprise hit. She had ordered it as she thought it was worth trying something that felt a little random. The chilli-garlic fries had a good kick and afterburn but were delicious. The slaw was also good. The chicken skewers were moist and tasty but it was difficult to use the dip with the skewers.

We went for the deep fried bun with ice cream for dessert. I actually opted for a coconut and lime sorbet rather than an ice cream, and my friend went for a chilli chocolate ice cream. The deep fried buns were quite sugary but nice; my friend likening them to yum yums. The sorbet and ice cream were both excellent. With good, intense flavours.

The service in Ninja Kitchen, whilst friendly, was a bit slow. However, the food was good and we enjoyed the experience. We even got a bourbon biscuit with our bill. Recommended for lunch or a bite to eat with drinks in the evening.

Food – 8/10
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere – 7.5/10
Value – 8/10

Overall – 30.5/40

Would I eat here again? Yes, I think so.

Cost £15 for the deal (usually £30) plus £15 for the chicken plus the two desserts.

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