Review of the Year: 2016

2016 was my second year in the blogging arena. Somehow I managed to eat at fewer restaurants than in 2015 (68 versus 78 last year) I think mainly due to revisiting some favourites, but the blog has had over 20% more hits and 15% more visitors, so I think things are still going well.

Best restaurants

This year the best experience comes as no surprise – Kitchin. The tasting menu is excellent value for money, the food is exciting and so tasty. The man himself is often in the kitchen too, which cannot be said for all chefs at Michelin starred restaurants.

Special nods should also be given to Dishoom, Bon Vivant, Reekie’s Smokehouse, Atelier, Norn, Rollo and Seasons who all made it into my highest scoring reviews this year. You can read more about all my highest scoring reviews, which I call my ’35 club’ here.

Best dishes

There are always so many contenders in this category so, as I did last year, I’ve picked on the basis of food that I am still thinking about now.

Sea bass at Bistro Provence. This was a superb dish. Although it is almost a year ago, I still think about how good it was. Hopefully, when my hectic dining schedule allows, I will get to go back there.

Seabass - Bistro Provence

Seabass – Bistro Provence

Meltmongers – Big Cheese Toastie. Meltmongers has taken Edinburgh by storm and this cheese toastie was simply excellent. Who knew cheese toasties could be this good?!

Big Cheese - Meltmongers

Big Cheese – Meltmongers

BBQ Beans at Reekie’s Smokehouse. Simple food but the flavour is amazing. I have been back for more of these and still love them.

Reekie's Smokehouse

Reekie’s Smokehouse

Mun Tod at Ting Thai Caravan. Ting Thai Caravan often has queues outside and its communal dining isn’t to everyone’s taste but these sweet potato crispies were phenomenal. Again, I have been back to eat these again (and also had a lovely sea bass dish on that visit).

Mun Tod - Ting Thai Caravan

Mun Tod – Ting Thai Caravan

Classic queso fundido at Topolobamba. Cheesy goodness and nachos. What more do I need to say?

Classic Queso Fundido - Topolabamba

Classic Queso Fundido – Topolabamba

Foundry 39’s Tomato and Parmesan Dough Balls. I knew I was in love with this as soon as I saw a photo on social media but once I tried it I was hooked (for the photo, see below in the Favourite Photographs section).

Venison at Bon Vivant. Bon Vivant did many things well on our visit but the flavour in this venison was something special.

Venison - Bon Vivant

Venison – Bon Vivant

Sea trout at Atelier. I loved the food at Atelier but there was something special about this sea trout. I think it was the pairing with wasabi that took it to another level.

Sea Trout - Atelier

Sea Trout – Atelier

Keema Per Eduu at Dishoom. I have yet to have anything other than brunch at Dishoom but it was such a fantastic experience. This was a special dish and hearty at that. Although the nann rolls are also excellent.

Keema Per Eedu - Dishoom

Keema Per Eedu – Dishoom

Sweetbread at Kitchin. I had these a few years ago at Kitchin and coming back with my blogging head on, I was still blown away. The taste was exquisite.

Sweetbreads - Kitchin

Sweetbreads – Kitchin

Favourite photographs

As I’ve said before, I am not a great photographer but I am always pleased when my trusty iPhone delivers me a good photo. Here are some of my favourites from the year:

Ceviche of Sea Bass – Tapa

Ceviche of seabass - Tapa

Ceviche of seabass – Tapa

Tomatoes, chanterelles, broad beans and leeks – Edinburgh Food Studio

Tomatoes, Chanterelles, Broad Beans and Leeks - Edinburgh Food Studio

Tomatoes, Chanterelles, Broad Beans and Leeks – Edinburgh Food Studio

Olives – Serrano Manchego

Olives - Serrano Manchego

Olives – Serrano Manchego

Tomato and Parmesan Dough Balls – Foundry 39

Tomato and parmesan dough balls - Foundry 39

Tomato and parmesan dough balls – Foundry 39

Toulouse Sausage at Spoon

Toulouse Sauage - Spoon

Toulouse Sauage – Spoon

Sriracha Eggs Benny at Thomas J Walls

Sriracha Benny - Thomas J Walls

Sriracha Benny – Thomas J Walls

Sea Bass at Hotel Du Vin

Sea Bass - Bistro Du Vin

Sea Bass – Bistro Du Vin

Sea Bass at Kitchin

Sea bass - Kitchin

Sea bass – Kitchin

Conclusion: Sea bass photographs well.

The Coming Year

Well although I have managed to go to plenty of restaurants since starting this blog, the Edinburgh dining scene changes its face frequently and there are new places that have opened that I need to try along with some more established places I have yet to get to. I already have several bookings for 2017 so I cannot wait to get started. Finally, I’d like to thank those of you who have taken the time to read my blog and I hope at least some of you have found it useful.

If you want to follow any of my social media accounts, either click one of the icons in the left hand menu under ‘Social’ or click on the links I have handily left below:


Here’s hoping you all have a wonderful 2017!


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