Quay 84


14th November 2016 6pm


Another itison voucher brought us to Quay 84 in Leith. It was a bit quiet when we arrived – perfectly understandable early Monday evening, but it started to fill up a bit not long after we started eating. Although I imagine Quay 84 is primarily for drinks, there is still a nice little dining section with booths that we were directed to. The voucher entitled us to two courses and a cocktail each.

Quay 84

Quay 84

Quay 84 has a reasonable cocktail menu priced at the Edinburgh going rate. No cheap bargains here (although it certainly was with the voucher). The menu is short but sweet, with plenty to please everyone. We were informed the beef teriyaki wasn’t in the deal and the ricotta meatballs were sold out but even with that, there was enough to tempt. I went for coconut breaded king prawns to start followed by a steak sandwich and fries. My friend opted for haggis bites followed by a club sandwich.

When the starters were brought to our table, my prawn dish looked just the right size. Four juicy prawns with a side salad. I couldn’t really taste the coconut but that didn’t really take anything away from the dish. The side salad was nice but perhaps a little overrun with raw onion. On the other side of the table, the haggis ‘bites’ were more like haggis chunks and were very massive for a starter. That being said, she thoroughly enjoyed them.

The mains arrived and continued on the generous portion theme. My steak sandwich had plenty of meat in it, along with some onions. My friend had ordered the club sandwich mainly due to her intrigue over the inclusion of an egg. She was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked. She did need to eat it with a knife and fork as it was so big and sadly the tray it arrived in wasn’t conducive to that. Both sandwiches came with fries. It was a shame they had been pre-salted but I still gobbled them all up. Neither of us cleared our plates though as we had to admit defeat.

You will never go hungry at Quay 84. Worth popping in for a visit.

Food – 8/10
Service – 7/10
Atmosphere- 7/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 31/40

Would I eat here again? Yes, if I was passing.

Cost – voucher £22 for two course meal and cocktail for two. True value closer to £46.

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