15th October 2016 1pm

I have been wanting to visit Norn ever since it opened in Leith, being made jealous by various friends who had been and loved it. So I was delighted when my friends and I could finally find a date we could all do lunch. The lunch is set at £20 for three courses (with an optional cheese course for a further £8). Each course has two options to choose from. For those of you thinking of an evening visit, they offer four and seven course options.

Between the three of us we managed to sample all the options but I could have eaten any of the dishes on the menu. The starters were mushrooms or haddock, the mains hake or chicken and dessert apple and pear or buttermilk and curd. We had some beautiful sourdough and butter to start us off, both created on site and the butter was at the perfect temperature to spread.

The first course came out and both dishes looked appetising. My mushrooms were sitting under a canopy of finely sliced turnip and a delicate scattering of cheese. An unusual combination on paper but was packed full of flavour and worked really well. No one element overpowered the other. The mushrooms were amazing and juicy. A very pleasing dish. The smoked haddock on the other side of the table was also going down a storm. The balance was strong again and the fish was cooked well.

My main was chicken with cabbage, barley and corn. The chicken was a generous portion and incredibly moist. The barley popped with taste and intermingled with the corn, made it quite moreish. I could have eaten that dish again and again. Next to me, my friend was tucking into the hake which I was eyeing with a touch of envy. The fish was deemed delicious and the accompanying cauliflower, kale and cobnuts worked in harmony to create an excellent dish.

The desserts then followed. There was a little mix up with two of the wrong dish being brought out but I was happy with either choice and didn’t want to waste food, so whilst I was going to have the apple and pear I tried the buttermilk and curds instead. The chef did offer to give me the other dessert as well to try but that was just being greedy so I declined but it was very nice that it was offered. In the end I loved what I was eating anyway. The accompanying orange and blueberries were beautiful mingling within the buttermilk. A simple yet clever dish. The apple and pear, with honey and walnut was also going down a treat, with an ice cream covering the top.

We all thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We weren’t stuffed at the end but pleasantly satisfied.

Food – 9.5/10
Service – 8.5/10
Atmosphere – 9/10
Value – 8/10

Overall – 35/40

Would I eat here again? Yes, without hesitation

Cost £104 for 3 three course meals plus three glasses of wine, a negroni and a vodka and lemonade.

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