Moveable Feast – a mini review

13th October 2016 6pm

As part of Edinburgh Restaurant Festival, Moveable Feast was an opportunity to have a different course of a meal at a different restaurant. This not only is a fun way to dine but a good way to sample food at different venues all in the one evening. Our host for the evening was Gareth, who kept us both entertained and together so no straggler was lost. The twenty of us who had tickets that evening were told to assemble at Veeno on Rose Street. Unfortunately wine and I don’t agreed but I had chosen not to declare this as an allergy as I can have it in food. However, the Veeno staff rustled me up a soft drink and then the organisers of the event offered to arrange for me to have different drinks along the way as the courses were matched with wines (which wasn’t obvious when booking as everything is supposed to be a surprise). I hadn’t wanted to make a fuss and was happy with water but the staff went out of my way to make sure I was sorted, so I did have a couple of alcoholic drinks along the way. Hurrah! My friend accompanying me for the evening did drink wine though and had so much praise for the red she drank at Veeno. Within about five minutes she was already planning a return visit with other wine drinking friends. Canapés were also passed around which were delicious. Gareth then started off proceedings telling us how the evening would work. We were given travel wallets which had information about what had been on offer at Veeno and we would be able to pick up identical cards along the way in each of the restaurants as a memento of what we had eaten. We also got some polaroids of our time at Veeno and more were taken throughout the evening. After having a little chat from the manager at Veeno about what they do, we were all then asked to take a cork from a bowl. Some had letters on them, so those who had these read the letters out which, when arranged in order, spelt our next destination- Cadiz.

So we were taken to Cadiz on George Street and were all seated. We had a nice cocktail which was champagne and gin based (mine was without the champagne). Our course here was home cured Scottish salmon with avocado puree and pink grapefruit. The salmon was exquisite, of great quality and full of flavour. I wasn’t a fan of the grapefruit as I found it a bit too overpowering for the salmon but my friend really enjoyed it, so I think this just depends on your palate. The little touch of caviar on top was lovely and the avocado really pulled the dish together. Once we’d finished our course, we were shown some cryptic picture clues for our next venue – Chaophraya.

After we exited Cadiz, we were taken to the left rather than the right in order to cross the road, which was done under the guise of health and safety but once we were on the other side of George Street and heading towards Chaophraya, we paused at the Freemason’s Hall where we were greeted by a small group singing us “Food Glorious Food” as we were handed small cups of pickled veg with a seeded tuille as a palate cleanser. This was indeed a surprise and lots of fun. A small cup of tea was then given before we moved onto the restaurant.

Once in Chaophraya, we were warmly greeted and seated. We were to have four dishes which could be shared between four people. This was a great way of trying lots of the food. The dishes were Thai green chicken curry, king prawns with ginger, mixed greens ad mushroom stir fry and chicken pad Thai. Rice was also available for those who wanted it. Wine was topped up for everyone and I had a vodka and lemonade but essentially had a choice of whatever I fancied which was nice. Having been to Chaophraya before I knew the food would be good. However this did give me an opportunity to sample a few things I’d not had there before. My favourite I think was the pad Thai but that was closely followed by the prawns. Every dish popped with exciting flavours and it took a lot of restraint not to steal more than my fair share of each dish. Once we’d finished eating, we were given a fortune cookie to open, which had our next destination inside. It did say the Pompadour but this evening we were going to the Galvin Brasserie de Luxe at the same hotel. This probably fitted better with the evening anyway.

A little longer walk this time but still we reached our destination quickly. We were seated in the private dining area at Galvin. This time a Valrhona chocolate tart was on offer with salted caramel and some crème fraiche ice cream on the side. The chocolate wasn’t too sweet but I am glad the portion wasn’t any bigger as it was still rich. The salted caramel was lovely and the ice cream cut through the density of the dish nicely.

Chocolate Tart - Galvin Brasserie

Chocolate Tart – Galvin Brasserie

Our final destination was Ghillie Dhu. We were seated in the large booths and were given a dram of Glayva, plus tea or coffee for those who fancied. Several petit fours were passed round the table, including macaroons and shortbread. It was a delicious way to end the evening, with the whisky having a Christmas type aroma. A live band played in the background which gave the place a fun atmosphere. We were also given a small selector pack of Hotel Chocolat chocolates to take home with us.

This was such a fun event and I hope they think about doing this throughout the year at different venues as I would definitely do this again.

Cost £45 per person

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