Ting Thai Caravan

5th July 2016 6.40pm

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I had actually already visited Ting Thai Caravan but had stuffed my face so quickly that I forgot to take any photos. Instead of producing a photo-less review, it was a good excuse to go back. Ting Thai has had a buzz about it ever since it opened. It has a communal eating style, so you have to be prepared to potentially share your table (perched on stools) and it is busy so there is a high chance this will happen.

This time I opted for massaman ped with a side of coconut rice and my friend chose pad see-ew. We also got a couple of sides: mun tod (sweet potato crispies) and cap moo (crispy pork skins). We were sat facing out the window so it did take a little while to catch a waitress’ attention to place our order.

The food came pretty quickly (which is a design of the menu). The wet mains, such as curry and soup, are served in bowls but other dishes such as noodles and salads are served in boxes. I was a little surprised that the duck leg in my massaman curry was still on the bone rather than flaked in. It did make it a little difficult to eat, having a bone in the middle of your bowl. However, that was the only down side I could find. The duck itself was cooked well and the curry had excellent flavour. I dunked in plenty of rice to soak up the sauce. Delicious! My friend loved her noodles. She said the food was spicy hot but that was a good thing. It certainly looked vibrant. The crispy pig skins were a little flavourless on their own but were utterly moreish when dipped in the Ting chilli jam. However, the star was definitely the sweet potato crispies, which were essentially light battered sweet potato chips. Dipped into sweet chilli sauce created a wonderful combination. I could have eaten just a massive bowl of these.

We were getting a little warm in the crowded restaurant so we’re pleased to get outside but it was worth it for some yummy Thai fast food.

Food – 9/10
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere – 7.5/10
Value – 9/10

Overall – 33.5/40 

Would I eat here again? Yes! 

Cost £22 for two starters, two mains and a side of rice


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