10th December 2015 7.30pm


Myself and Emma from Edinbug were invited by a PR company to try out Voujon. This modern restaurant is situated in Newington. The staff were welcoming and polite. We ordered some drinks whilst perusing the menu. There was a really good choice. I spotted a note on the menu offering a fusion menu on top of their standard a la carte offerings, which meant that you picked a dish and the chef picked the accompaniments, which is useful if you don’t know what to pair with what. However, in the end I went for the assorted kebab starter and Sahai chasni, which is sweet and sour curry, for main with a garlic naan. Emma went for annaj pakora and saag paneer with rice and chapatis. We also went for a poppadom each to get us going. Was this a foolish thing? I can’t usually manage poppadoms and a starter together.

Pickle tray - Voujon

Pickle tray – Voujon

The poppadoms were standard and good. The side plates had a handy dip in them, which allowed good scoopage of dips from the pickle tray. The pickle tray consisted of lime pickle, onion salad and mango chutney, all of which were decent. Then out came the starters. They both smelt amazing. I had a good variety on my plate, with fish, chicken and lamb. All were moist and the tandoori finish was delicious. These came with a special sauce which seemed to be like a mango yoghurt type sauce and it was divine. There was plenty of it too, which was perfect. The salad was decent, although the lemon, tomato and cucumber slices at the top of the plate were a little superfluous. Emma also seemed to enjoy her pakora which came with its own sauce. The plating was identical to mine.

The mains followed and again smelt great. My naan was a very generous size. The chicken in my curry was juicy and moist and the chunks were large and plentiful. The sauce was sweet and sour, which is often what I opt for when I can’t decide what curry I fancy as it covers a number of flavours. The curry was so delicious and not oily, which makes a pleasant change. The naan was also not greasy and had a lovely garlic flavour. On the other side of the table, Emma enjoyed the flavour but was a little disappointed that the paneer wasn’t in bigger chunks, although the taste of the paneer itself was not lost. I came up with a comparison for meat eaters of asking for a steak pie and getting mince inside. Whilst still nice, it’s not what you were expecting.

We were stuffed and couldn’t finish the curries but the staff kindly offered a doggy bag each so we jumped at the chance. I had a very enjoyable lunch the next day (it reheats well). More restaurants should do this! Whilst we were waiting I heard a table behind us being served who were clearly regulars. By the way they spoke with the staff, I was reassured that the staff weren’t needing to put in any extra effort because we had specifically been invited to try their food. They seem to be genuinely nice and wanting to help their patrons with great service and great food.

I have been looking for a good curry place in Edinburgh. Is this is? It might well be. I am intending to go back just to make sure!

Food – 8.5
Service – 9
Atmosphere – 8
Value – 8

Overall – 33.5

Cost – Complimentary but at a guess would have been around £45 for the above including a glass of red wine and a malibu and coke.

If you want to see some better quality photographs, Emma will no doubt have some posted on her blog when she posts her review. Have a good nosey here.

Please note that whilst this event was complimentary, views expressed are my own. Thanks to Megan from Crimson PR for inviting me.

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