30th August 2015 6pm

Pickle tray - Kismot

Pickle tray – Kismot

We booked somewhere close to Pleasance for dinner, again to fit in with our festival plans. I didn’t know much about Kismot apart from the Killer curry competition. Upon arrival, we waited to be seated. A waiter stopped taking the order from a table to see if we had a booking and point us to a table, which seemed a little unnecessary as we could have waited until he had finished taking the order. Anyway, we got menus and perused to see what would take our fancy. Kismot offers lots of unusual choices such as an Irn Bru curry and naans with either chocolate or marshmallows on them. We decided to keep it a little more mainstream for our first visit. The menu has cinema style ratings on them to indicate heat levels and also what is suitable for those with intolerances and allergies. We got some poppadoms and a chutney tray to start, followed by a chicken chasni and a garlic naan for me and a tarka dhaal with added paneer with a garlic and coriander for my friend. Kismot is BYOB but we decided to stick to water.

Chicken chasni - Kismot

Chicken chasni – Kismot

The poppadoms came out almost immediately. The accompanying pickle tray was a nice sight as all the sections were deep so had plenty of pickles in each. This was particularly useful for the ever popular mango chutney. The other pickles were lime pickle and an onion salad. It would have been nice to have seen a raita on there too rather than two lime pickles but maybe I’m just being a bit picky. The poppadoms themselves were a little thick but had good crunch.

Tarka dhaal - Kismot

Tarka dhaal – Kismot

When the mains arrived, they were of a generous size, served in a deep bowl. The naans also looked beautifully golden as the garlic must have been applied as a melted butter of some sort. My chasni was a sweet and sour type curry and was pleasant. The chicken pieces were of a decent size and there were plenty in the dish. The sweet and sour tasted a little too ketchup-y perhaps but only a little. The spicing was delicate. It left my mouth with a mild tingle. On the other side of the table, the dhaal looked nice. My dining companion was a little disappointed the paneer was grated into it rather than cut into chunks but again, this was personal preference. However he enjoyed the dhaal and the naan too.

We did have to wait a little while for the table to be cleared and so we could ask for the bill. Kismot is a family run business and seemed to be a little short of front house staff. This could possibly be connected to opening a second restaurant in Tollcross. Kismot was nice but I think I’m still on my hunt for the perfect curry house. The restaurant, even when busy, seemed as if it lacked a bit of personality.

Food- 7/10
Service – 6/10
Atmosphere – 6/10
Value – 7/10

Overall – 26/40

Cost £30 for 5 poppadoms and chutney tray, 2 curries and 2 naans

Kismot Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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