Dirty Dug – Mini Review

21st August 5pm


Dirty Dug

Dirty Dug

Dirty Dug is a pop up situated on Frederick Street for the duration on August only. I recommend you get your skates on if you are partial to a hot dog. Or to cocktails. Or both. I had been invited to check out this place by the PR team and I was curious to see the set up. Whilst hot dogs and cocktails wouldn’t be the first pairing that springs to mind, this place seems to work. Entering the venue, you end up in a basement and somehow transported into an almost club like environment. The room is dark but a bright neon bar lights one end of the room. There are lots of candles scattered across the tables and even some sparkle encrusted skulls on the walls. Dance beats pump overhead. This place isn’t best if you want a quiet meal but is perfect for the purpose it was set up – the festival period. I visited relatively early in the day but I could see that this place would be busier in a few hours and really reach it’s intended audience.

Scottish Russian - Dirty Dug

Scottish Russian – Dirty Dug

I was greeted by a friendly staff member called Chris who was kind enough to go through the menu with me and make some suggestions based on a mixture of popular choices and his personal recommendations. The menu covers the expected hot dogs and cocktails but also has some sides and deals. Chris also mentioned that they did take away of a hot dog and drink for £6 – bargain! Firstly Chris suggested I try the Scottish Russian cocktail. I was a little dubious at first as the ingredients are vodka, tia maria, buckfast, milk and cream. However, I decided to trust his judgement and give it a go. As for the hot dog, Chris said there were quite a few popular hot dogs, include a mac ‘n’ cheese one but in the end I plumped for the BBQ pork dug.

BBQ Pork Dug - Dirty Dug

BBQ Pork Dug – Dirty Dug

Firstly the cocktail arrived. I tentatively gave it a sip and was pleasantly surprised. It actually tasted quite good and not what I was expecting at all. The cream didn’t make it too sickly and the buckfast didn’t make me go loopy. It was an easy cocktail to drink. It’s a good sign when you can get recommendations like this from the staff. The dug followed shortly after. This is one of the bonuses of this type of food; you are not waiting long. The pork on top was a generous portion and was incredibly moist. The barbeque sauce was tangy but didn’t drench the bread. The hot dog itself was much larger than I was expecting it to be and also managed to have great flavour. It wasn’t bland and you could taste the spicing in it. The bread was strong enough to handle the wait of the hot dog and pork combined but you do get cutlery should you need it.

The staff were friendly here and the food is good fast food. This place is great if you want a drink and something to line your stomach.

Cost – the meal was complementary but would be around £13.50

Please note that whilst this meal was complimentary, views expressed are my own. Thanks to Brad for arranging.

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