Barnacles and Bones – mini review

7th Aug 2015 5.45pm

Newly opened in a police box at the back of John Lewis on Cathedral Lane, I have been desperate to try this place out. An unappetising half left lunch resulted in my being hungry on the way home from work, so I thought I’d stop off here to fill my chops. Not technically a restaurant, hence it being a mini review, I couldn’t not feature it on my blog (plus, the owner informed me that as you can drink on the streets in Edinburgh, it is classed as a BYOB and local wine sellers can offer some pairings for you).

Crab and chips - Barnacles and Bones

Crab and chips – Barnacles and Bones

Barnacles and Bones offers simple options of catch of the day crab or short rib beef. If you are lucky on weekends you might get to taste some special brunch offerings including scallop and black pudding. There are three ways of having these; with chips, in a roll or with a quinoa and rocket salad. You can also have it open or in a take away carton. I went for crab in homemade lemon mayo with the tarragon salt fries. This also came with a crunchy slaw. I got it in a take away carton as I was nipping straight home. My first impression when opening the box was there was tons for the money. The fries were well cooked and the seasoning was lovely (and I’m not usually a fan of tarragon so that’s saying something). The slaw was crunchy and you could kid yourself you were having a very healthy meal. It consisted of beautiful ribbons of carrot , sliced red cabbage, red onion and also some shredded lettuce. It was all topped off with a scattering of cress and a slice of lemon. The crab itself was gorgeous. Zesty and flaky but so easy to eat, with the homemade mayo giving my stomach a satisfying feeling. A couple of hours after eating it, I still had that happy post-eating smile on my face.

This is certainly worth stopping by for. In fact, purposefully go out of your way to eat there. It won’t disappoint.

Food – 9/10
Service – 9/10
Atmosphere n/a
Value – 10/10

Overall – 28/30

Cost – £6 for the crab, chips and slaw

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