14th July 2015 6pm



Another voucher deal we picked up, this time from Groupon. The deal was £14.95 for the sharing platter of the day with a cocktail pitcher (or beer for those who prefer that). Badabing is an American gangster themed bar, which wouldn’t normally be my sort of thing but we thought we would give it a try. Situated in the complex just be the beginning of the canal in Fountainbridge, the place is well positioned for a bit of outside drinks and dining. Unfortunately it wasn’t quite warm enough for us, so we opted to sit inside. We were welcomed by friendly staff and although we accidentally arrived half an hour before our actual booking, this wasn’t a problem at all. Badabing is situated on two floors, with the ground floor housing a stage for entertainment and the upstairs being more of a dining area. There were lots of different styled seating areas to suit your mood, from both enclosed and open booths, to larger tables for groups. We took an enclosed booth, which was a bit dark for summer in hindsight. The décor was plush and a little over the top, in an old school gangster kind of way, which I guess was what they were aiming for.

Ribs - Badabing

Ribs – Badabing

Upon handing over the voucher, we were offered a choice of four different pitchers. All were quite classic and we opted for a long island iced tea. We were also offered water, which we took. Our sharing platter that day was ribs and fries. Whilst we waited for the platter to arrive, we perused the normal menu. There are plenty of classics available and enough to suit every taste and nothing that would really empty the wallet. In fact, there were a lot of bar snack type options which would be good to have with drinks. The cocktail menu was also very reasonable, with the cheaper ones just under £5. More about those later. The ribs and fries arrived and seemed a decent portion for the two of us, although not over-facing. We were also supplied with fingerbowls which was a nice touch. The ribs were not overly meaty but that is often the case with ribs. We found those nearer the centre were best. They were also luke warm, which was a little disappointing as I would have liked them a touch hotter. The sticky sauce was a little vinegary but I did like the addition of mustard seeds, which gave it a nice kick. The fries were excellent though and we munched through those very quickly.

Nutella cheesecake and sticky toffee pudding - Badabing

Nutella cheesecake and sticky toffee pudding – Badabing

We decided that we had enough space for a dessert, even though this was additional to the voucher. I went for sticky toffee pudding and my friend went for Nutella cheesecake. Both choices met with approval from the waitress. Upon arrival of the desserts, I thought these were of a generous size. My sticky toffee pudding was smothered in sauce, which was useful as there was no cream or ice cream to accompany it. Sadly it was a little dry round the edges and the sauce couldn’t save it but the flavour was still nice. The Nutella cheesecake was surprisingly light but the chocolate on top was a bit thick and therefore hard to eat easily.

Cocktails - Badabing

Cocktails – Badabing

We couldn’t leave without trying a couple more cocktails. I went for a drumstick and my dining companion went for a berry delicious cocktail. These both came with sweeties and were fun to drink. They were also of a respectable size. I think this is where Badabing excels. In fact, we overheard a member of staff saying this to some other diners by highlighting that it is a bar that does food rather than a restaurant that does drinks. If you keep that in mind, Badabing is a great place to have some fun drinks and perhaps get a snack to line your stomach but it is never going to be gourmet dining.

Food – 6/10

Service 8/10

Atmosphere – 7/10

Value – 9/10

Overall 30/40

Cost – £14.95 for the voucher for the platter and the pitcher of cocktails (something similar can be bought without the voucher). A further £20 for two more cocktails and two desserts.

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