One Square

4th July 2015 2.15pm

Chicken liver pate - One Square

Chicken liver pate – One Square

At this time of year, One Square was bustling with graduates and their families. It’s the perfect location as graduation ceremonies take place over the road at Usher Hall. We had decided we were going to have a lovely late lunch which probably was going to involve cocktails. When we originally booked our table we had intended to do a set menu deal but in the end we all opted to go for the a la carte menu as the set menu didn’t really grab us. Cocktails were ordered and when they arrived most of us found they were quite strong. They certainly don’t water them down here. We placed our orders. I went for the chicken liver pate followed by the steak sandwich. My friends went for a variety of starters including salmon and salad and two others went for steak sandwich for their main and the other (a vegetarian) went for the risotto.

Salmon - One Square

Salmon – One Square

Whilst waiting for the starters we were given some bread. The slices were seeded and made for a very tasty stop-gap. Sadly the butter was rock solid, so it made it virtually impossible to spread. The starters arrived and looked lovely. My pate was light, fluffy and almost of a mousse consistency, not like your normal pate. I found this wonderful. The red onion jam complemented it well as

Rocket, parmesan & balsamic salad - One Square

Rocket, parmesan & balsamic salad – One Square

added a bit of zing to lift the dish. The toasted sourdough was sturdy enough to hold the pate. Elsewhere around the table the salmon was enjoyed and my friends commented on how fresh it tasted. The rocket, parmesan and balsamic salad, whilst simple, fitted the bill. This is actually a side dish on the menu but the restaurant were happy to provide it as a starter.

IMG_0612We didn’t have to wait too long for the mains. Three of us had the steak sandwich, which was accompanied by fries and a garlic mayo. Now I love garlic but I have to say that the mayo was particularly strong, to the point that it made the other two cough and the taste lingered for several hours afterwards. That being said, I still ate it heartily. The steak was still a bit pink and had some flavour. The accompanying salad leaves had a light mustard seed dressing over it which I particularly enjoyed. The fries were rustic but thin, which was good. The risotto was deemed decent and was eaten quickly. We all thought the food was good.

Banana split martini - One Square

Banana split martini – One Square

Onto dessert, we all opted for dessert cocktails and two of us also had a scoop of ice cream. I had a banana split martini which I thought worked well for dessert. The other dessert cocktails the others had seemed a little strong and perhaps not sweet enough. One of the cocktails had been spilt on a friend upon its arrival but the waitress was immediately apologetic and offered to try to fix it but it really hadn’t been much of an issue. The ice cream was standard but nothing stunning.

So overall, the staff were friendly and helpful. The food was good but I do think it is a little expensive for what it is as I could have had something similar elsewhere to the same standard for closer to half the price.

Food – 8/10

Service – 8/10

Atmosphere – 8/10

Value – 6/10

Overall – 30/40

Cost – approximately £250 for 5 starters, 4 mains, and one side, 2 ice creams, 1 bottle of white wine, 6 cocktails and 1 gin and tonic.

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