Slighhouse (now closed)


28th May 2015 5.45pm



We popped into Slighhouse for a quick drink and snack after a hard-going day at work. Slighhouse has been on my list to visit since its reincarnation from Bar Kohl. Their photos on social media really made the food look appealing. The venue is split into a number of areas, with a bar area for a relaxed bite to eat or drink and a more formal dining area for those wanting to stay a while longer.

Millers Crossing - Slighhouse

Millers Crossing – Slighhouse

We arrived and plonked ourselves down at the little bar-stooled area near the front of the bar section and had a look through the drinks menu. The cocktails were all a bit too bitter for my tastes so I went for a spirit and mixer but my friend went for a Miller’s Crossing and was swung by the marshmallow garnish (the friendly barman advised us that it was a particularly good choice). We also both chose the artisan board with breads, meats and cheeses. The cocktail went down well as we waited for the food but we were not kept waiting long.

Artisan boards - Slighhouse

Artisan boards – Slighhouse

When the boards arrived, we were a little underwhelmed. We got two boards but they were not the same but we assumed that they had just spread the platter over the two. Looking back at the bill and the menu online, I think what we were actually given was a combination of the meats board and the vegetarian version. There was an odd number of most things on the board, which meant that we spent a lot of the time asking each other who wanted the last of everything. That said, the meats were very nice. The parma ham was full of favour and the salami was great. The chorizo also tasted good and came in a thick slice but it was a shame the casing was still on it. There were three different cheeses to choose from and all were nice but nothing special. There was also a nice array of fruit and veg, with grapes, baby gem lettuce leaves, celery and sun blushed tomatoes scattered around the boards. These were all very pleasant. The boards were joined by three different dips: hummus, parsley pesto and a chutney. The hummus was chunky and decent enough. The parsley pesto felt like it was missing something. It was quite bland. However, the chutney was the star of the food. So much so that when we had a little left, I ate it straight from the dish. There were a few slices of bread but these were a little dry. The cracker breads were really good and worked well for dipping into the accompaniments.

So overall, whilst I know that we did not have a full dinner here, I am not sure whether the bar snacks did enough to entice me to go back to try more. The food was ok but didn’t blow me away.

Food – 5/10

Service – 8/10

Atmosphere – 7/10

Value – 7/10

Overall – 27/40

Cost – £22 for a cocktail, vodka and lemonade and two artisan boards

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