Boozy Cow

29th April 2015 – 5.45pm

Cocktails - Boozy Cow

Cocktails – Boozy Cow

Boozy Cow has taken over from where Amicus Apple used to reside on Frederick Street. If you have been to Amicus Apple in the past, this place looks quite different. With an industrial fee, the walls are creatively decorated with ‘blood’ splatters, skulls and chains. This might not be the place for those looking for a genteel drink. We were welcomed by friendly staff and offered a choice of tables. Although there are a few booths, most of the seating is at high tables with stools. Luckily, I found the stools surprisingly comfy. We were given food and drinks menus and obviously we decided to go for cocktails whilst we perused the menu. I went for a Taste the Rainbow and my friend went for a Twizzler (those who mourn the passing of Amicus Apple will be pleased to see these types of drinks continuing). The drinks arrived in tin cans, which @WeWantPlates would be having a field day over. Nevertheless, the drinks tasted good. Food-wise, I went for a Phili cheesesteak, which I have always wanted to try. My dining partner went for the red hot chilli burger. We were both delighted to see skinny fries as we hate the current trend for rustic chips with burgers so we got a portion each. We also ordered an extra side of wagon wheel onion rings.

Burger (top) and Phili Cheesesteak (bottom) - Boozy Cow

Burger (top) and Phili Cheesesteak (bottom) – Boozy Cow

When the food arrived it came on one single tray. This might be a little awkward if you don’t know your dining partner that well, or they have particular eating phobias. This wasn’t a problem for us. The fries came in separate dishes so we took them off to give us a little more room. Now, you hear the phrase ‘dirty burgers’ a lot but both the cheesesteak and the burger were definitely falling into this category – in a good way. It was oozy, messy, delicious fun. The cheesesteak was pinned together by a stick but I did have to admit defeat and use the knife and fork midway through. There were lovely pepper and onion chunks mixed in with the mustard and cheese. The steak wasn’t too tough and was cut into pieces that made it easy enough to eat. The sub roll was soft and soaked up the juices. My dining companion’s burger was also good. The bun did look a little dull and maybe toasting or some sesame seeds might perk it up a bit but it didn’t take away from the flavour. She commented that it was nice not to have the traditional lettuce/tomato combination in the burger as they often go soggy. The jalapeno and red onion combination seemed to work well. The fries were tasty and plentiful. The onion rings were massive, so lived up to their name. They were nice and crispy on the outside, filled with soft onion and full of flavour. A side of thousand island dip was a good touch.

Cocktail (top) and coke float (bottom) - Boozy Cow

Cocktail (top) and coke float (bottom) – Boozy Cow

After we scoffed the lot, we opted for one more cocktail rather than the very tempting sounding dessert on offer. However, I had spotted a coke float and I couldn’t not have one. My friend went for a Bermuda Yacht Club cocktail. This time, my drink came in a jam jar type concoction but had grooves in each side so your fingers and thumb fitted perfectly. I also had an accompanying spoon which had a crook in it to allow you to rest it on the side of the jar. Handy for the switch between drinking and scooping out the ice cream. It was a shame there was so much ice in it as it seemed to spoil the ice cream a little. The cocktail arrived in a martini glass this time and was duly slurped.

Boozy Cow is reasonably priced, particularly considering its location. The atmosphere in the place was good, with some great music. However, the food was the star of the show.

Food – 9/10

Service – 9/10

Atmosphere – 9/10

Value – 9/10

Overall – 35/40

Cost – £48 for 2 mains, 3 sides, 3 cocktails and a coke float.

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