4th April 2015 – 12.30pm

Situated in Castle Street, Chaophraya is perfectly located for beautiful views, both of the castle and of the Forth. Whilst part of a chain, Chaophraya does its best to feel like one of a kind. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, complete with a soothing fish tank. Whilst we were not seated with a window view, we still managed to be able to see outside. With an extensive Thai menu on offer, it was very difficult for us to choose what to have. In the end, we opted for the Asian platter to start and they were very accommodating with letting us order for two people but share between three. I then went for the steamed sea bass whilst my friends went for the jungle fish curry and the lamb massaman curry. We got a sticky rice and a coconut rice to share.

Raspberry moscow mule - Chaophraya

Raspberry moscow mule – Chaophraya

When the starter platter arrived, it was placed on a little stand in the centre of the table (I was so engrossed in our conversation I forgot to take a photo). The platter had a nice array of starters; chicken spring rolls, prawn tempura, chicken satay, marinated pork with honey, a duck salad and accompanying dips. Most of these you could get from the main starter options if you so wished but the platter was a good way of getting to see what you liked the most. They were all very delicious and there didn’t seem to be a dud in the lot. I have to say my favourite was the marinated pork as it was juicy and full of flavour.

Steamed sea bass (top), jungle fish curry (bottom left), massaman curry (bottom right)

Steamed sea bass (top), jungle fish curry (bottom left), massaman curry (bottom right)

Moving onto the mains, I don’t think any of us were disappointed. I had opted for the sea bass which arrived in plentiful supply. The lime and chilli sauce was a masterpiece and really brought the dish alive. I almost forgot there was pak choi in the dish as it was hidden away under the fish, which was a bit of a disservice to the vegetable. Even the salad that came with it was of a good quality. Both the coconut and sticky rice were delicious, although the sticky rice was so sticky it was difficult to break a spoonful off to get onto your place but it wasn’t problematic once eating it. The jungle fish curry was hot (as warned on the menu) and was enjoyed happily. As this is not a creamy curry, it works perfectly for lunch as it doesn’t overfill you. The massaman was also enjoyed. Although it was a bit heavier due to the coconut milk and potatoes, it didn’t stop my friend having a good crack at polishing off the lot.

Fruit fondue (top) and bananas in sweet coconut milk (bottom)

Fruit fondue (top) and bananas in sweet coconut milk (bottom)

As we were clever in what we ordered for our starters, we had just enough room for dessert. I went for the bananas in sweet coconut milk whilst the other two decided to share a fondue. Now, the bananas were about as comforting as you can get, without expanding your stomach to twice the size. A couple of strawberry halves were placed on top as an added bonus. I could have eaten this dessert all afternoon. I felt I was being hugged as I ate it. One the other side of the table, the fondue was getting stuck into. Whilst not a typical fondue, fruit was served with a small pot of chocolate that the fruit could be dipped into. Not fussy but tasty.

The service was lovely throughout. All the waiting and front of house staff were helpful and friendly. I would definitely come again. I need to work my way through the menu!

Food – 9/10

Service – 9/10

Atmosphere – 9/10

Value – 8/10

Overall – 35/40

Cost – £108 for a starter for two, three mains, three desserts (fondue for two), a bottle of wine and one cocktail

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