Steak Edinburgh

12th March 2015 6pm

Yet again it was chucking it down outside when we stepped into Steak Edinburgh. The warmth enveloped us and was scented with a faint aroma of incense. After a lovely welcome, our coats were taken and we were shown to our table, which conveniently was situated next to a radiator. The restaurant had quite a few people in it, so it didn’t feel lonely in this cavernous room. The dining room has an industrial feel yet also softened somehow. The music was a touch unusual, with a bit of a French slant. The venue itself was dimly lit, so don’t expect to see your dinner that well! Not that it matters, as we were about to find out.

Cocktails - Steak Edinburgh

Cocktails – Steak Edinburgh

We had booked for the pre-theatre menu, which was striking value at £14.50 for two courses or £16.50 for three. We were offered the wine list or if we preferred (which, no surprise we did) a cocktail menu. We opted for an All or Nothing and a Rose Fizz. Whilst they were being made, we decided on our choices from the pre-theatre menu, which offered three options for each course. I went for the steak tartar (again, no surprise) followed by the steak frites. My dining partner went for the salted cod starter with the steak frites again for her main. We ordered after our cocktails arrived and we also got some bread whilst we waited.

Steak tartare - Steak Edinburgh

Steak tartare – Steak Edinburgh

As soon as the starters arrived, we tucked right in. The steak tartar was delicious. There was a large amount and had a great sharpness to it. The tartar sauce which accompanied it worked surprisingly well. However, I am not sure about the crinkle cut crisps. They were a bit hard and there weren’t really enough of them to act as a device to scoop up the tartar onto. I’d actually rather they had not been there at all if they weren’t able to offer anything better. However, this is really a small element of the dish and too trivial to really get het up over. It certainly didn’t detract enough to stop me from wolfing it all down. On the other side, the cod was being enjoyed. She commented that the egg worked really well and helped balance the dish. The sourdough bread was good as it wasn’t so hard that you couldn’t use it to mop up.

Steak Frites - Steak Edinburgh

Steak Frites – Steak Edinburgh

After the tasty starters we moved onto the mains. We had the same but I ordered rare and my friend ordered medium. It came with chips and a béarnaise sauce which sat in its own little saucepan. We were also offered condiments so we asked for tomato ketchup, which came in its own small jar. The steak was cooked to perfection and simply melted in the mouth. I really don’t think that I’ve had a better steak. So much so that if I could I would have eaten 20 of them! The béarnaise sauce looked like a small amount but I should really learn to trust the chef as it was actually just the right portion. It did have a little bit of a skin on it so it might have waited on the pass a minute or so too long but with a quick stir that was all fixed. It was wonderful anyway. The fries were delicately seasoned and that seemed to make them incredibly moreish. The ketchup seemed to be made in house as it certainly wasn’t like the supermarket brand and added a whole other level of flavour to the meal. It seemed mellow but deep at the same time.

We would have tried dessert if we hadn’t been so full but I am sure we will be back to do just that. The staff had been friendly and helpful throughout the meal, offering to explain the menu and answer any questions. They also offered to arrange a taxi for us if we needed it. It’s these little touches than make a restaurant stand out. I really cannot wait to go back.

Food – 9.5

Service 9.5

Atmosphere – 8

Value – 10 (on a pre-theatre deal)

Overall – 37/40

Cost £44 for two starters and mains from the pre-theatre menu plus two cocktails.

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