Port of Siam (now closed)


10th February 2015 – 7pm


This venture started out in Newhaven and opened up just off Broughton Street a couple of years ago. Port of Siam offers a small, refined dining setting. However, whilst it is a relatively small venue, there is still an air of space in the place, where tables are not packed in so you don’t feel overlooked by the neighbouring diners. Adjoining the restaurant is Bangkok Bar, which serves bar food and drinks plus the newly opened downstairs area that offers drinks and karaoke.

I was accompanied by my sister for this visit, which will explain why I completely forgot to take photos of our main courses as we we gossiping too much. She hadn’t had much Thai food so was keen to see what this place had to offer. I opted for the Thai Sausage duo followed by the sizzling duck, whilst my sister went for vegetable spring rolls followed by beef pad Thai.

Thai Sausage Duo - Port of Siam

Thai Sausage Duo – Port of Siam

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the sausages but they had been supplied from the award winning Crombies just across the road, so I felt it would be a safe bet. They arrived already sliced, in individual piles and with a side of Thai salad. Each sausage was subtly different but they complemented each other. They had a little bit of a kick but a pleasant one. The salad also had a kick. Unfortunately I wasn’t paying a great deal of attention as I scooped up my first bite. The chilli had been placed on the top in order for the diner to control the heat. I got it all in one mouthful and had to down my water to put the fire out! That’ll teach me for nattering when I should be paying attention to the delicious food. Luckily that didn’t spoil the rest of the starter, which is a testament to the standard of the food.

Vegetable spring rolls - Port of Siam

Vegetable spring rolls – Port of Siam

My sister felt that her spring rolls were definitely the best she had ever eaten. She commented that they were light and not greasy. She did find the accompanying chilli sauce a little too hot for her sensitive palate but I gave it a taste and thought it was just about right for a dipping sauce, with what I would call a medium level heat.

You could hear my main coming before you could see it! The sizzle was enough to make other diners turn round to see what all the noise was about. The duck arrived on a cast iron hot plate and I had ordered a side of sticky rice which came in a small bowl. The duck was very flavoursome, which carried through to the sauce and vegetables. The veg still had a bit of crunch to them – no overcooking here. The duck was tender and was a nice contrast to the vegetables. The accompanying rice was truly sticky and sumptuous. This main was a well sized portion and filled me just the right amount. My sister’s pad Thai was served on the plate but had tiny piles of spices on the corners of the dish, to enable the diner to increase the spice and heat to their taste. I think this was a nice touch, particularly in my sister’s case, as she would prefer a milder option. She enthused over the dish, exclaiming how tasty it was. I can attest to this as she was unable to finish the dish so we asked if we could get the remainder wrapped up (it was a shame to waste such good food) and had it for lunch the next day. It still had great flavour 18 hours later.

We couldn’t fit in dessert but the restaurant offers a good variety of dishes.

This restaurant was lovely, with tasty food, great service and a pleasant environment. This would suit close gatherings and intimate dinners alike. I cannot wait to go back.

Food – 9/10

Service – 9/10

Atmosphere – 9/10

Value – 8/10

Overall – 35/40

Cost £43 for two starters and mains and 1 glass of red wine

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