3rd February 2015 – 6.00pm


We went to the Shandwick Place branch of Burger for a pre-gig filler (Kaiser Chiefs if you were interested and yes, they were brilliant). Burger is a typical burger style joint but of a higher class than the well known fast food high street burger chains. We were given a friendly welcome as we came through the door and were invited to choose a table. The place wasn’t overly busy but did have a few diners in. We were handed menus and advised that once we were ready we could go up to the till and order. The menu was not too long but varied enough to please an array of diners. On the burger front, beef, chicken and veggie are all covered. There is also the option to double up if you are feeling particularly hungry. If you don’t happen to want a burger (I am not one to question why you might choose to come to a place called ‘Burger’ and not actually want to eat a burger), there is also a selection of hotdogs and a number of sides to munch on. I opted for my standard cheese burger as this is my golden measure when trying out a new burger joint. My friend went for the chicken katsu burger. We both added a side of fries and a couple of drinks. I couldn’t see ketchup as an option on the list of dips so I plumped for the chipotle lime dip, although after ordering discovered the condiments such as Heinz ketchup and sarsons vinegar were available for no extra charge by the ordering point. Ordering was quick and pain free. I was given a round pager type device

Buzzer - Burger

Buzzer – Burger

and was informed that it would light up when our food was ready to collect. This was a nifty idea as it meant that less waiting staff were needed and I was able to sit at our table with the drinks we had ordered.

Once the disc lit up my friend went to collect the food. Served on metal trays and in fast food type wrapping, Burger have an ethos of having fully compostable packaging. Whilst it doesn’t make the food look amazing, that isn’t really the goal of this place. My burger came in a brioche bun and was adorned with a generous portion of cheese, a tomato and some rather large gherkins. The meat itself was juicy and held well. This burger was nice but didn’t convince me it was any better than burgers offered in similar establishments and pubs across the city.

Burger - Burger

Burger – Burger

Saying that, it beats McDonalds and is quite reasonably priced. The chicken katsu on the other side of the table was a bit disappointing as the coating on the chicken seemed to stick to the bread. Perhaps a bit of toasting of the bun would fix this. Moving onto the fries, their rustic appearance was a little worrying as this isn’t my preferred type of chip. However, they were full of flavour and we both gobbled them all up. The chipotle lime dip didn’t really add anything and may have worked better with something like nachos.

We had a little time to kill and enough room in our stomachs for some type of dessert. Burger offer a range of ice creams and shakes with a decent choice of toppings. I went for a vanilla shake with honeycomb and chocolate sauce. My friend went for vanilla ice cream with honeycomb and raspberries. Again we were given the pager but as we were chatting when it started flashing and because the place wasn’t too busy, a waiter brought them over to us. My shake had the sauce and honeycomb blended into it and it is probably the best shake I have ever had. Whether this was my excellent choice of additions or whether all their shakes are like this, I am not sure, but it was good enough to make me want to come back to try another one. So much so I wonder whether they should change their name to ‘Shake’. The ice cream was also enjoyed, although the raspberries were frozen, which wasn’t stated on the menu and were quite difficult to eat.

Food – 7/10 (boosted by the shake)

Service – 9/10

Atmosphere – 5/10 (a bit too like a cafeteria)

Value – 8/10

Overall – 29/40

Cost just over £27 for two burgers and fries, a dip, ice cream, shake, peroni and a can of diet coke.

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