30th January 2015 – 12.40pm

No photos with this review as I was with a couple of colleagues for lunch. Biblos is centrally located on the corner of South Bridge and Chambers Street. It has recently extended its bar area, which does not serve food. As a result, there is more space for diners in the original part of this venue. We had not booked but managed to secure a table. That said, it was busy but just not rammed to the rafters, which gave it a nice Friday lunchtime feeling. We were warmly greeted by staff but we did struggle a little in asking whether they served J2Os as the waitress did not understand what that was. There was a bit of a language barrier but the effort from the waitress made up for it. I ordered a burger (it would be rude not to on a Friday) and my colleagues ordered the spaghetti carbonara and the chicken panini.

Food was delivered in a timely manner, which is pretty important over lunch time. Sauces came in the form on sachets in a holder on the table and there seemed to be enough of everything (I like my ketchup!). The cheeseburger I had ordered also had chilli jam on it. I was intrigued to taste this. However, whilst it was pleasant, I don’t think it was a jam or anything near it. It seemed to be a homemade chilli sauce. The burger itself was weighty and had a good meaty taste. It didn’t appear to be filled up with too much other stuff. The burger came with chips and a side salad (to counteract the chips!). The salad was a bit limp but not the worst I have had. It consisted of lettuce, peppers, onions and cucumber (yuck to the last one). The chips were lovely though. All three of us had some and were definitely popular. I donated a couple – only a couple, mind – to the spaghetti carbonara diner. My colleagues enjoyed their dishes. I hadn’t decided whether I was reviewing this at the time of eating, so I didn’t gauge their opinions much further.

The food in this place is pretty standard but does the job when you want a quick bite to eat.

Food – 6/10

Service – 7/10

Atmosphere – 7/10

Value – 9/10

Overall – 29/40

Cost – £26 for 3, include three meals and 4 soft drinks. The bar had 25% off food, so the true cost would be nearer £32.

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